Copper Displacement Cleanliness Test

Proper lubricant selection is not only crucial to part production and tool life, but it can dramatically impact pre-treatment and finishing processes as well.

The Challenges of Forming Aluminium 2015

Perhaps the biggest challenge when switching from steel to aluminium substrates in "light -weighting" is selecting an appropriate lubricant in forming aluminium.

The Challenges of Forming AHSS & UHSS

The process commonly referred to as "light-weighting" has driven engineering focus toward the use of aluminium and advanced high strength steel (AHSS) and ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) to offer lighter weight vehicles, without compromising safety.

Recycling Stamping Fluids

In recent years, greater focus has been directed toward production efficiencies. While recycling of metal scrap and packaging materials has been relatively easy to accomplish, recycling stamping fluids raises many issues affecting safety and quality.

Special Considerations in Forming Zinc Coated Steel

While zinc coated steel offers increased corrosion protection over conventional mild steels, these materials present their own unique processing issues.

Welding Through Lubricants

While it is generally recommended by most suppliers of welding process equipment to only weld clean surfaces together, the reality is that most manufacturers try to avoid cleaning stages whenever possible.

GHS: Classification & Labelling of Chemicals

GHS is an acronym for The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. GHS is a system for standardising and harmonising the classification and labelling of chemicals worldwide.

What Does Brix Mean?

BRIX is a unit of measurement of refractive index, in the same way Fahrenheit or Celsius is a measurement of temperature. In both circumstances the properties of real world materials were used to devise a continuous scale of measurement.