Roller applicators offer excellent consistency in coil-fed and some blank-fed press set-ups. The roller applicators are most efficient and clean running when they are PLC controlled rather than simple “flood and reclaim” top-applied rollers or “wicking” systems. IRMCO has worked with numerous styles and suppliers over the decades, but proudly endorses UNIST for the degree of control and option to integrate spray application along with their rollers if necessary.






UNIST offers their SPR-2000 series PLC controls for their roller application set-ups and can accommodate coil widths from 3 to 69.5 inches (standard models). These controllers allow for independent control of lubricant solution to the top and/or bottom of the coil stock. This enables custom tailoring of fluid volume for specific parts and improves cleanliness of presses and plant floors and helps minimize fluid waste. In the case of very complex or demanding progressive dies, additional spray nozzles can be added to the SPR-2000 controller to work in tandem with the rollers to apply additional lubricant at targeted and precise part areas.

The SPR-2000 also allows for the creation of a directory of part specific settings – programmed to unique process numbers – allowing for quick change-outs and greater consistency.


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