IRMCO FLUIDS® high performance stamping lubricants are oil-free alternatives to oil and/or animal fat-based and pigmented paste lubricants. Exhaustively tested in laboratory and field production processes, IRMCO FLUIDS have demonstrated the ability to replace chlorinated and other, conventional, straight and emulsifiable oil-based stamping lubricants in severe stamping and forming processes.


Optimised Application

IRMCO FLUIDS® provide a highly protective and lubricious micro-layer of lubricating film during demanding stamping and forming applications. This attribute translates to lower volumes of lubricant required to protect tooling and production parts – optimizing process economy and efficiency. IRMCO FLUIDS are easily applied via conventional roller and spray applicators and form stable, true solutions in water. Being water based, IRMCO FLUIDS are miscible in all dilutions, mixing easily with chemical proportioning pumps.


Reducing Tooling Cost & Down Time

IRMCO FLUIDS provide optimal protection for tooling surfaces and parts – reducing wear and downtime related to maintenance. The improvements to tool life result in increased efficiency and line speeds.


Clean Running

As IRMCO FLUIDS do not contain oil – they offer improved part cleanliness and weld-through capability over straight oil and emulsifiable oil based chemistries and pigmented emulsions. In many instances, pre-treatment process bath life can be increased over oil-based lubricants and cleaning temperatures can be reduced – saving energy and improving safety.


Finishing Process Compatible

The lower loading characteristic of IRMCO stamping fluids in pre-treatment baths reduces sludge and scale formation compared to oil containing stamping fluids. Less scale and sludge formation extends pump and heat exchanger life and reduces maintenance associated with “boil-outs” and blocked spray nozzles. Additionally; less temperature is needed to remove IRMCO fluids from surfaces – making IRMCO fluids more compatible with transition metal coating (TMC) processes and low-temperature or conventional iron and zinc phosphates. IRMCO fluids are very compatible with aqueous immersion, spray and ultrasonic cleaning. Automotive e-coat, powder paint and porcelain enamelling surface pre-treatment processes can all be optimized using IRMCO stamping fluids.


IRMCO FLUIDS Product Classes

080 - Series

Medium to heavy duty drawing and stamping of mild steels and aluminium. Primary product group recommended for aluminium stamping/forming.

090 - Series

Medium to heavy duty drawing and stamping of mild steels and aluminium. Primary substrates are ferrous.

146 - Series

Heavy duty drawing and stamping of mild and high strength steels. Some products are compatible with galvannealed steel and stainless steels.

313 - Series

Medium to heavy duty drawing and stamping of mild steels and zinc coated (galvanized and galvannealed) steels. This group of products was developed for use on zinc-coated steels.

323 - Series

Economical, light to medium duty drawing and stamping of mild steels and some high strength steels.

536 - Series

Medium to severe duty drawing and stamping fluids – heavily fortified with EP additives. Excellent for stainless, mild and high strength steels.



All IRMCO stamping fluids can be applied manually or via automated roller and spray applicators. Great success has been achieved using UNIST® and Industrial Innovations’ SPRAY-RITE® applicators.

HYDROBLEND® and “venturi-type” proportioning mixers are effective ways to control blending of IRMCO FLUIDS for use in the field.