IRMCO GEL® 986 is a special application lubricant that is a fully synthetic paste with characteristics more of a gel. IRMCO GEL 986 was designed for larger diameter tube-bending of carbon and stainless steels but has also found limited use on smaller diameter, aluminised stainless tube. IRMCO 986 GEL can be applied through the mandrel or applied manually.


• Contains no mineral oil, pigments, phosphorus, chlorine, sulphur, zinc or PFTE (“Teflon”) or any other solid friction modifiers.

• Is viscous-clinging to wipers and mandrel balls preventing / minimizing dripping onto floors.

• Is easily removed in aqueous cleaners in immersion, ultrasonic or spray applications.

• Is used “as received”.

• Is easily waste treated in conventional systems.

• Has successfully replaced chlorinated paraffin containing paste lubricants.

• Is compliant with maintaining ISO 14000 directives.