IRMCO GEL® and IRMCO EXTREME® are fully synthetic alternatives to oil and/or animal fat-based and pigmented paste lubricants for demanding mandrel tube bending and forming applications.


Optimised Application

IRMCO GEL & EXTREME have a strong affinity for metal tube surfaces; providing a micro-layer of lubricating film on metal surfaces during demanding tube bending applications. This chemical nature and thick viscosity of IRMCO GEL & IRMCO EXTREME translates to the products “staying put”, resulting in less lubricant dripping off of machinery and less “weeping” of lubricant onto floors. These characteristics allow for these products to be applied in lower volume – reducing chemical consumption and lowering process costs.


Reduced Tooling Cost & Down Time

IRMCO GEL & EXTREME provide a highly protective and lubricious film on tooling surfaces - protecting mandrel balls and wipers dies from elevated friction – reducing wear and downtime related to maintenance.


Clean Running

As IRMCO GEL & EXTREME do not contain oil – they offer improved part cleanliness and weld-through capability over straight oil and emulsifiable oil based chemistries and pigmented emulsions. In some applications, the residue left behind is so minimal – cleaning of the tube is eliminated.


Finishing Process Compatible

IRMCO stamping fluids typically load pre-treatment cleaning baths less than oil containing stamping fluids. This can extend cleaner bath life greatly and minimize sludge and scale development in tanks, risers and enclosures. Less temperature is needed to remove IRMCO fluids from metal surfaces – making IRMCO fluids more compatible with transition metal coating (TMC) processes as well as low-temperature conventional iron and zinc phosphates. Additionally; IRMCO fluids are very compatible with aqueous immersion, spray and ultrasonic cleaning and automotive e-coat processes.


IRMCO GEL® & EXTREME® Product Classes

460 - Series

Opaque, bright white gel predominantly used on aluminized stainless steel and mild steels.


980 - Series

Clear gel product suitable for mild steels, aluminium and 409 and 439 stainless steels. Tube diameters up to 4” are typical


986 - Series

Opaque, bright white, slightly fluid paste intended for use on larger diameter tube bending of tube up to 7” in diameter. Suitable for mild steels and 304, 409 and 439 stainless steels.



IRMCO GEL products can be applied manually via brush, or through the mandrel via conventional drum pump and follower plate to ensure proper delivery of gel to tooling.

IRMCO EXTREME products are typically applied through the mandrel via drum pump – providing minimal quantity lubricant application.