IRMCO GEL 20 Year Anniversary

Imagine a time when machine operators needed to wear a rain slicker and equipment needed to sit on a 3” deep collection pan full of lubricant.  It was 1997 and the typical mandrel tube bending shop.  That was the tube bending universe before IRMCO invented the world’s first Gel bending lubricant.

20 years has passed and IRMCO® continues to innovate the lubricant segment they themselves invented.  Before IRMCO GEL®, liquid lubricants were commonplace in mandrel bending.  Applied to the inside of tubing, liquid lubricants would fling out of the tube landing on operators and the floor.  Waterproof clothing and catch pans were the best protection.

In 1997, IRMCO® suggested a different, root cause approach to those messy floors.  Why not just stop using liquid lubricants?  But back in 1997 that meant using hard to clean paste products or greases.  A new technology needed to be created.  A few years earlier, IRMCO® had already invented the world’s very first non-oil stamping lubricant.  Why not borrow from that technology and turn it into a GEL? A simple, elegant solution.  How come no one else thought of that?

Many imitators have unsuccessfully tried to keep up. Following up IRMCO GEL® with IRMCO EXTREME®, IRMCO® continues to develop new best of class bending lubricants and application methods.


Small Environmental Footprint – Large Global Footprint

Over thirty five years ago IRMCO made a serious commitment: a conscious decision was made to develop, pursue and perfect oil-free stamping and bending lubricants to reduce the environmental impact of stamping facilities.  In the months and years preceding ISO regulations and long before ISO 14001, IRMCO was already setting about lowering environmental impact through its stamping fluid chemistries and practices of minimising lubricant application.

In the years since, IRMCO’s reputation grew and caught the attention of like-minded people elsewhere in the world.  These people understood the benefits of oil-free lubrication as it relates to reduction in energy consumed in welding, cleaning and finishing processes and can contribute to safer and healthier work environments.  Now celebrating fifteen years of our presence in Europe and partners in South & Central America and Asia, and also, as of 2017, the opening of IRMCO South East Asia in Thailand, IRMCO has shown how you can increase your global footprint – while maintaining a small environmental footprint.

IRMCO is exceptionally proud of its colleagues and customers worldwide. It’s been a long journey since those fateful days over 35 years ago, but there are still many more customers and partners to help advance the causes of process improvement and environmental stewardship.  

Come join us!


News – Do More…With Less

It’s the driving philosophy of modern manufacturing. Maximising productivity while conserving resources – both in capital as well as personnel. It’s the philosophy that has allowed businesses to stay afloat through tough economic times – as well as blaze the trail in times of greater prosperity. It’s also the “IRMCO WAY”…and has been for over 100 years.

IRMCO’s innovative stamping fluids are designed to provide maximum performance at lower application levels. This performance trait allows for reduction in chemical consumption, cleaner parts, easier welding and overall reduction in water and energy consumption through subsequent finishing processes. IRMCO can also help guide you toward reducing chemical consumption through automated and controlled mixing and application equipment - helping you realise your production and ISO 14001 goals.

IRMCO has been family owned and operated for over 100 years and it’s that “small, Midwestern company” ethic that forges our relationships with our community, our employees and our customers. IRMCO proves you can still compete in the global economy while preserving your roots and providing a more personal level of support.