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IRMCO South East Asia supply a complete range of non-oil lubricants to cover the demanding requirements of today’s metal forming industries. From advanced high strength steels in automotive pressings to gels for tube and pipe bending.Improving your business through advanced metal forming lubricant technology has been IRMCO’s mission for nearly 100 years. We achieve it by providing LeanGreen® non-oil lubricating fluids and gels as well as by providing engineering services to help you optimise more than 80 manufacturing, assembly and environmental areas.The IRMCO polymer chemistry enables better metal flow with reduced tool wear. A thin coating of IRMCO product will enable parts to be formed with 50% less volume, lowering application waste and housekeeping needs. You might also consider that our oil-free surfaces improve the conditions for welding and assembly. Studies using MIG, TIG and resistance welding techniques have proven that, in many cases, washing demands can be reduced prior to welding using our lubricants.Die-polishing downtime can be lowered by an average of 25% because our high performance lubricating barrier clings to critical surfaces under high frictional heat. A reduction in scrap and rework will also occur. The IRMCO range of polymer based metal forming lubricants, eliminate the downsides of using oil based products in the metal pressing/stamping process. Our non-oil lubricants cover all types of metal processes including; metal stamping, metal forming, deep drawing, punching and shearing, perforating and roll forming. In fact, if you have a metal process using oil as a lubricant, then we can offer a non-oil alternative.


Advanced High Strength Steel

IRMCO extreme temperature high solid polymer technology has been developed for the exacting demands of advanced high strength steel within the automotive industry and the 323-M80 range is the first non-oil metal forming lubricant to be approved by the Ford Motor Co. This thin film technology will produce parts in all grades of advanced and ultra-high strength steel, with tensile strengths as high as 1180.


Assembly, Cleaning and Paint

In most cases parts formed with IRMCO products can be welded or assembled without prior cleaning, providing significant energy and process efficiency savings. IRMCO lubricants have the highest rating for reducing paint defects, caused by residual lubricant.


Tube Bending Lubricant

IRMCO mandrel bending gel has become the benchmark lubricant for tube and pipe bending worldwide. Chosen by many of the major worldwide OEM exhaust manufacturers. IRMCO gels enable tube manipulation companies to produce clean non drip bends and tubes that can be welded without washing, even on stainless steel. IRMCO are the only company with 4 non-oil metal forming aerospace approvals.


  • Aerospace Fuselage

    Aerospace Fuselage

  • Automotive Seat Pan

    Automotive Seat Pan

  • Deflector


  • Dish Washer Door

    Dish Washer Door

  • Drum Brake Backing Plate

    Drum Brake Backing Plate

  • Exhaust Manifold

    Exhaust Manifold

  • Exhaust Part

    Exhaust Part

  • Exhaust Pipe

    Exhaust Pipe

  • Exhaust System

    Exhaust System

  • Exhaust Tube

    Exhaust Tube

  • Food Warmer Tray

    Food Warmer Tray

  • Ford Exhaust Component

    Ford Exhaust Component

  • Frame Spacer

    Frame Spacer

  • Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink

  • Lawn Mower Deck

    Lawn Mower Deck

  • Motorcycle Fender

    Motorcycle Fender

  • Oil Pan

    Oil Pan

  • Oven Wrapper

    Oven Wrapper

  • Rear Cross Member

    Rear Cross Member

  • Reinforcement


  • Rocker Arm Cover

    Rocker Arm Cover

  • Spring Seat

    Spring Seat

  • Stainless Steel Sink

    Stainless Steel Sink

  • Steam Table Tray

    Steam Table Tray

  • Suspension Module

    Suspension Module

  • Truck Catalytic Converter

    Truck Catalytic Converter

  • Truck Cross Member

    Truck Cross Member

  • Truck Cross Member

    Truck Cross Member

  • Truck Door Panel

    Truck Door Panel

  • Truck Fuel Tank Strap

    Truck Fuel Tank Strap